Future of Nuclear Energy in a Carbon-Constrained World study. 2018 PDF

The main value of nuclear energy lies in its potential contribution to decarbonizing the power sector. Nuclear energy does provide other benefits: it reduces other types of air pollution associated with electricity production; in addition, it contributes to fuel diversification and grid stability, has low land requirements, and creates well-paid jobs.

Testimony of Michael D. Shellenberger For the House Select Committee On the Climate Crisis. 7/28/2020 PDF

A former Obama administration economist at the University of Chicago found last year that consumers in states with renewable energy mandates paid $125 billion more for electricity in the seven years after passage than they would have otherwise.

Renewables contributed to electricity prices rising six times more in California than in the rest of the US since 2011.

Renewable energy advocates today admit that the environmental impact of renewables is the greatest obstacle to their deployment.

Vaclav Smil, a widely-respected energy scholar, has shown that it would take 25-50 percent of all land in the US to go 100 percent renewable.

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NuScale’s small nuclear reactor can produce 25% more power than expected. 11/10/2020
NuScale now says its reactors can generate 77 MW of electricity per module, compared to the current expectation of 60 MW.

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